Physical Disabilities

Our team have experience of working with clients who suffer various different forms of physical disability. Our specialist team of case managers have worked with clients who have experienced the loss of limbs.

Our case managers work with their clients to minimise the impact of their injuries on their daily lives. Using a variety of therapy providers with various specialisms we design, implement and manage the complete therapeutic program, providing regular updates and sourcing innovative and new treatments, working as a multi-disciplinary team.

From the introduction of support staff, attending to transport needs, providing recommended therapists from the local area and ensuring high standards and timely medical interventions we are there to remove the pressures of managing our client’s needs.

We consider all aspects of a clients life, ensuring they are at the centre of everything we do. We listen to our clients and those closest to them to ensure they have the best possible experience of therapy and rehabilitation, incorporating their own aspirations and life goals.

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