Case Management is the management of a multi-disciplined team of clinical specialists to access, plan and monitor the needs of an individual and the services they require to enable the individual to meet their rehabilitation goals, returning them as close as possible to their life before their accident.


Anne Marie Sloan founded AMS Case Management in January 2016. Since launching, the business has grown considerably, recruiting further expertise within the team to manage an ever-growing caseload. AMS Case Management has offices in Bury, Greater Manchester, close to business links and transport routes.

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Advice to clients and their funders in respect of available resources.

Support for our clients on both pre and post settlement cases.

Consultation with and maximisation of the resources needed for the client.

Placement of staff on behalf of clients and their funders.


Where we work

AMS Case Management broadly cover the North West of England, the Isle of Man and Ireland.

We can also travel further afield. Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

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Our People

We are passionate about the work we do. We put the needs of our clients first. Whether you are dealing directly with individual case managers or office staff we ensure that the service we provide is efficient and meets your individual needs.

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  • Natasha has been excellent on this case. The barrister and I were delighted to see just how far our client has come in terms of her recovery, from what was a very serious accident. This would not have been possible without Natasha’s early involvement and continued efforts to ensure our client’s rehabilitation needs were being met.

    The client has passed on her well wishes and thanked Natasha for all she has done. As always, it has been a pleasure working with Natasha and the team at AMS Case Management.

    Bilal Hussain, Solicitor, Irwin Mitchell LLP


  • I have always found the team at AMS to be very friendly, well organised and professional. They really understand the importance of interdisciplinary working and where the role of a dietitian fits in to their Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs), and I have seen that they work very hard for their clients.

    In particular, I have recently worked with several clients together with Natasha Wilde, a Case Manager at AMS CM and have been impressed at how approachable and proactive she is on behalf her clients. It has been good to see that Natasha has a great understanding of the importance of nutrition for her clients’ health and knows this can make a significant impact on their rehabilitation. I have really enjoyed working with Natasha, who is an expert in her area as well as being very friendly and easy to get along with. It’s a pleasure to be instructed by Natasha and AMS Case Management, who are clearly very experienced in their field and who provide a high level of professional service to their clients.

    Sian Riley MSc, Registered Dietitian, Red Pepper Nutrition


  • Thanks to your efforts I have an exercise bike now ready for construction, I can’t thank you enough for what may seem trivial to you as it’s your job etc. But this was a must for me and without your input it wouldn’t of happened. I trusted that within 30 seconds of meeting you, you would be amazing at your job for me. God bless take care.



  • I have enjoyed working with AMS CM case managers. My case manager has been amazing to work with. They made me feel at ease and helped a great deal with the issues I had. I enjoyed meeting up with them and getting their help when needed. They are attentive and knowledgeable, going the extra mile to help. I would recommend AMS CM to anyone in need.


  • We have worked with AMS Case Management for a number of years and always found their level of service to be second to none. They show compassion and really do care about their clients, constantly aiming for the very best outcomes for each client on their rehabilitation journey.

    Mark Rybczynski, Director of Rehab for Independence & Occupational Therapist

  • I guarantee you’ll enjoy working with Marie – she is what I call the Heineken of case management – reaches the parts that other case managers cannot reach!

    Dr Bruce Moore MB ChB MRC Psych MD FRSM

    Consultant Neuropsychiatrist (Brain Injury Medicine)

  • Marie Sloan is an impressive case manager who has the ability to unravel very complex cases and see a path through. She is passionate about ensuring that her clients have access to rehabilitation and is committed to achieving the very best quality of life for clients following their brain injury.

    Deirdre Healey, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP

  • Marie’s down to earth approach and “can do” attitude gets things done.

    Irwin Mitchell Solicitor

  • I have worked with Marie for many years and I am always impressed with how she supports clients with a thoughtful dynamism. She approaches problems with clarity. These attributes make her a highly recommended case manager.


  • The AMS team have been nothing but helpful and supportive since they began working with my son. He has complex needs and  has come on leaps and bounds thanks to their assistance with developing a package of care involving some of the best medics and doctors in the country.


  • We instantly liked AMS’s ‘down to earth’ approach – it put us at ease and meant we built a good  relationship straight away.


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