We understand how crucial it is to ensure our clients are fully engaged with the rehabilitation process.


We support clients to participate in all aspects of their rehabilitation, working to improve their self-esteem and independence.
We strongly believe in proper and effective communication with our clients, this means proper and effective communication with all other professionals involved in the care and rehabilitation of our clients.

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When working with AMS Case Management you can be sure:
  • We are passionate about effective early communication and information sharing
  • We will work effectively with NHS clinicians, obtaining records, discharge summaries etc, before carrying out an INA
  • The proposed rehabilitation is appropriate
  • All goals set are specific, attainable and client led
  • All our INA’s are carried out by experienced case mangers
  • All our case managers are registered with appropriate professional bodies
  • We work professionally and effectively with concurrent NHS treatment and clinician
  • We periodically review and report progression of recommendations identified within the INA
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The Immediate Needs Assessment (INA)

Our INA’s are conducted in the most appropriate way, quickly gaining a rapport  with the client, their family and carers, where appropriate.

We include clinically justifiable recommendations for further investigation, costings and equipment/housing needs, as appropriate.

All our INA’s include:

  • Continual review of the needs of the individual, ensuring their goals are specific, timely and realistic
  • Physical and psychological injuries sustained, care received or planned
  • Disability or incapacity arising
  • Availability of treatment and planned delivery by NHS employer or health insurance schemes
  • The impact on social and domestic circumstances
  • The injuries and or disability for which early intervention is suggested
  • Clinical intervention and treatment in short and medium term and the rationale for this
  • The likely cost and duration, goals, and anticipated outcomes
  • The anticipated clinical and return to work outcome of treatment or intervention, where appropriate

Key Benefits

  • Person centred holistic assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Local network of therapists
  • Working with clients with social needs
  • Support regimes
  • Communicating with a diverse audience
  • Substance misuse
  • Resolving complex requirements

How we Work with You

We will initially meet with our client (plus family members or representative if appropriate) to undertake a client centered assessment. Together we identify needs and difficulties plus wishes and aspirations, before putting together our recommendations and plans of action.

Our assessments will be outlined in a full case management report, initial needs report (under the rehab code), or a short letter with recommendations, depending on the client’s requirements. We ensure we are able to build up a rapport with the client and family and are very aware of how important the relationship is in optimising positive outcomes.

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