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My first one month of placement experience

The last month has been full of learning and experiencing different cases with clients who have suffered a brain injury. Prior to this time, I had little understanding of the effect of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and its impact on individuals.

I have been involved in a variety of activities, also the opportunity of shadowing case managers and getting involved in the charity; Headway Salford & Trafford. I now have  greater understanding that brain injury can have many side effects such as fatigue.

Going to Headway Salford & Trafford once week and volunteering to support the team has been a great privilege for me, allowing me to put my social work skills into practice. I have been able to improve on my communication skills and I’ve supported members to get involved in group activities and helped with other aspect of the sessions.

I have attended a Headway safeguarding training session and the committee meeting; this has had a great input in my studies and experience as a social work student.

Some of the members of the group find it difficult to express themselves due to the effects of their  brain injury,  by using my empathic listening skills I have been able to connect with them emotionally and try to see things from their own point of view. Helping me to understand the impact of their brain injury.

I have learnt a number of office-based tasks – which all help support our clients and the professional colleagues we also work with.

Through the shadowing of case managers during home or residential visit to our clients, I have been given the privilege to take note of our conservation and write a report about our visitation.   This has helped me to improve on my listening and writing skills.

I have attended a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) conference with case managers. These are an effective tool to facilitate collaboration between professionals and help to improve the care outcomes for clients. I have personally experienced professionals and practitioners from across different sectors work together around the needs of clients with brain injuries, their families and communities.

I have been able to understand professional roles and their involvement in client rehabilitation. The shadowing experience has helped me to understand the effect of different agencies working together, towards achieving a particular goal – which is what social work is all about!

I hope to acquire more knowledge and professional skills and gain more experience during my social work placement at ASM Case Management. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks here!

Kehinde Ariyo

MA Social Work Student

Read more about the social work placement here.


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