AMS Case Management response to COVID 19 Pandemic

All our case managers are continuing to be innovative, creative and sensitive. Putting our client’s needs and wishes first – always.

We are continuing to rise to the challenge the current pandemic presents to our clients and their rehabilitation team. We are fully facilitating technology to stay in contact with our clients and their therapists. Although this is not ideal, it allows case managers to maintain their focus on the client’s personal goals, independence needs and prevent clients slipping into unwise routines or bad habits. Whilst also consistently reminding clients of the importance of following government guidance, using different formats and messages uniquely tailored to meet the client’s cognitive abilities to fully understand the guidance.

We are continuing to conduct meetings using technologies such as Zoom, Teams, Skype and Facetime protecting the rehabilitation team and other professionals. We are utilising our admin team to note-take during these meetings, allowing the case manager on concentrate on the needs of their client.

We are also fully utilising technology to keep in contact with our clients where possible. We are visiting clients who are vulnerable to social isolation during these uncertain times and preventing mental health issues, complying with our comprehensive policies before visiting, ensuring the client is symptom free and happy for the case manager to visit. During the visit the case manager is observing social distancing, practicing good hand-hygiene and minimising contact with the client and their possessions.

We are accepting referrals and conducting these using the clients chosen technology platform be that Zoom, Teams, Skype or Facetime and can accommodate other platforms should this be required. We are also utilising our admin team to take notes during the assessment with the client’s permission, allowing the case manager to build a relationship with the client and get a full understanding of the client’s independence and rehabilitation needs. Assessments can be emotionally, physically and mentally draining for the client, to alleviate this, these assessments are conducted over a number of sessions, each session is limited to around one hour.

Management of consent
Consent is sought from the referrer and client before assessments or professional meetings are conducted. Our policies stipulate no audio or video recordings are made of any sessions, meetings or interventions. These will be recorded in the normal manner through session notes, noting persons present who may not be seen during the video conferences.

Our Offices
Currently all our case managers are effectively working from home and with secure IT. We are holding regular team meetings to ensure case managers are supported and ensuring there are no gaps in our clinical activities. We currently have a skeleton number of staff in the office who are practicing social distancing with intensive hygiene procedures.

We have had feedback from a number of clients and referrers who have been positive about the service provided by our case managers and are keen to ensure our clients do not have a period of no intervention as we know this often leads to poor mental health status and returning to bad habits.

Over the coming weeks we intend to introduce more visits to our isolated clients with robust policies and procedures to protect our clients their families and colleagues from the pandemic and possible deterioration in their mental health.

Over the coming weeks unless any guidance changes from the government our case managers and office staff will start returning to our offices, after our offices have been modified to ensure our colleagues are kept safe and uninfected. To achieve this, we will be following guidance from the government and HSE, using enhanced signage, encouraging increased hand hygiene and contingencies should guidance change.
Thank you, stay safe and stay in touch!

Kind Regards
Darren Sloan
Business Manager
AMS Case Management

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