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I’m really enjoying my time here at AMS Case Management, I’ve been very busy since I started last month.

I’ve been getting involved in a variety of activities, shadowing case managers and also working on stand-alone projects myself.

My first few weeks have included:

Headway Blackpool Wyre and Fylde
I have had the opportunity to engage in direct client work by volunteering with Headway in Blackpool and Salford. Headway is a national charity with local groups, that has been set up to support brain injury survivors, their families and their carers. My involvement with the organisation has also allowed the opportunity for me to observe the committee’s meeting to familiarise myself with the team of volunteer trustees and committee members. They were discussing various fundraising events they had programmed in in the coming year and how they aim to provide a suitable programme for the members. Each committee member was able to engage in a solution focussed approach, tackling concerns and actively seeking available resources, all for the benefit of the members. After the committee meeting, I enjoyed meeting some of the members at their regular drop-in session. The meeting was highly informative, and I was able to understand how the committee aim to access resources and funding from various organisations.

Headway Salford
Following on from my visit to Headway Blackpool, I have been offered the opportunity to volunteer with the organisation for the service held in Salford. I have had the opportunity to support the team with leading the sessions and creating and updating member files, which has contributed immensely towards my experience. I engaged with members, and directly worked with clients with brain injuries and recognised the very distinctive differences, regarding their abilities. I have been able to appreciate that as a consequence of a difference, client’s life experiences may include oppression, marginalisation and alienation as well as privilege and acclaim and I am able to identify and understand various ways of challenging and assisting with support.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting (MDT) and client engagement
I have been given the opportunity to shadow case managers on visits with clients. I have been able to understand how certain needs are assessed during visits, and how decisions are formed with client and family input. I have observed multi-disciplinary meetings regarding the appropriate interventions and support for clients and their families. I have been able to understand the various professional roles that are involved in a client’s rehabilitation, and how their input can address and implement rehabilitative support. I have been able to identify and make sense of the various detailed input from the professionals and their concerns and updates with the cases. It was intriguing to observe the team harmoniously came to an agreement to benefit the client. The shadowing experiences has contributed greatly towards my understand of the inter-agency, multi-disciplinary and inter-professional dimensions to practice.

I’m looking forward to carrying on my work in the above areas and also getting involved in some other aspects of case management work. I will share my journey via this blog, so watch out for the next instalment!

Best wishes,


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