Asho’s Blog – Social Work Placement


My time during the course of the placement has offered me a wide range of opportunities to understand the role of case management and the many support needs of brain injury clients.

Direct client work has also contributed towards my knowledge regarding the various barriers experienced by the members based on disability, race, economic status etc.

The direct experience to work with client’s has been extremely insightful, and I would like to express my gratitude to the team and members at Headway Blackpool Wyre & Fylde and Salford for the learning opportunity.

The shadowing experiences have also been extremely informative and has been valuable towards my understanding of the various needs that I would require to assess for any future direct work with clients with similar needs.

I have demonstrated the ability to apply law, theories and methods and apply social work knowledge into practice with regards to the case management role, and recognise the importance of promoting individual rights to autonomy and self-determination.

My enhanced practical knowledge has guided me to further promote and protect the interests of clients and carers. I am very much pleased with my progress throughout the placement course, as with the support and guidance from the team at AMS  Case Management and the learning opportunities have exceeded my expectations.

This learning opportunity has been beneficial towards my academic work and as a result I will relate my final year research project on acquired brain injury.

I am hopeful to pursue onto my career venture and apply the new learning experiences and knowledge that I gained through AMS Case Management.

Best Wishes

Asho Jilicow

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